We manage your Linux infrastructure at your existing hosting provider or datacenter and ensure your servers are available, secured, tuned and ready for business.

Your Linux server based applications are the foundation of your business and your presence on the web. Our expertise and experience in Linux server management will keep your critical foundation from cracking, ensuring that your business servers and web presence is rock solid.

We provide Linux server management for your dedicated servers and Amazon EC2 instances.

24×7 Monitoring
We monitor your system infrastructure and quickly respond to system outages.

Proactive Management
Including patches, performance tuning evaluation, and security audits.

Response Guarantee
We average under 15 minutes for critical system response, and provide a money back guarantee.

Additional Details

By bringing in the Linux experts from MNX Solutions, we will help you solve existing issues and identify weaknesses in your infrastructure.We guarantee the highest quality of service and provide a money back guarantee.

first server
per month
$99 ea. additional


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