What we do

We provide our customers with expert professional services, broad and deep technical knowledge on all things server related, and we are always available for emergencies.

Our focus is simple — to provide our customers with high quality exceptional services, and earn your trust. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied by selecting MNX Solutions for your server management needs.

Who we are

Nick WilkensNick Wilkens

Nick Wilkens has been working with Linux since 1995, building SAP and scalable web infrastructures on Linux. High availability, scalability, performance tuning, and security are a few area of his expertise. Python and Golang are the goto weapons for handling his toughest challenges.


Mike StolisovMike Stolisov

Mike Stolisov has lead several technical implementations in Unix, storage, and SAP with a focus in complex enterprise environments that require 24/7 availability, monitoring, capacity planning, and disaster recovery services.


Robert CitekRobert Citek

Robert Citek is a Red Hat Certified Engineer with more than 10 years of experience installing, monitoring, and maintaining Linux systems. In his spare time, he volunteers to help underserved youth become more computer literate.


Nathan CalvasNathan Calvas

Nathan Calvas is a jack of all trades. He began working with Windows and Novell and finally came over to the dark side with Linux to become one of our Nagios and Puppet experts. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Assurance Applied.


Duane CrouchDuane Crouch

Duane Crouch is a former CPanel support analyst with an eye for detail. Other strengths include the ability to leap buildings in a single bound, python/scripting/golang development, and automating everything.


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