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Plesk PHP upgrade


We are often asked to upgrade PHP on Plesk based systems. When working with Plesk based control panel systems, PHP is typically maintained by the operating system. This means RedHat 5 and CentOS 5 based servers will be running PHP version 5.1.6. Many applications have a requirement of PHP 5.2 or greater. A few options are available, we will discuss two solutions below.. Use the Atomic Corp PHP upgrade guide One simple solution is to utilize Atomic Corps PHP upgrade guide. We have used this solution successfully in the past. This wiki ebtry from Atomic Corp provides a complete …

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We encounter many scenarios where using the latest version of PHP is required. No great way, aside from downloading the PHP5 source and compiling, is available. That is, until you discover then IUS Community Project. What is the IUS Community Project? The IUS Community Project is an effort to package rpms of the latest stable versions of the most commonly requested software on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.   IUS provides a better way to upgrade PHP/MySQL/Python/Etc on RHEL or CentOS.  The project is run by professional Linux Engineers that are primarily focused on RPM Development in the web hosting industry. What …

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We ran into an issue where an init script was missing and we needed to restore the file.  The backup (of course) did not include the file we needed.  We had to download the package, extract the contents, and move the init script back into place.  Below are the commands used: DEB: $ dpkg-deb -x <package.deb> /restore/dir RPM: $ rpm2cpio <package.rpm> | cpio -idv

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