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IXOS HDSK Migration


MNX Solutions works on many UNIX based systems, one of which is IXOS (now called OpenText). We needed to migrate from WORM (9.1GB) media to a hard disk based configuration for performance, scalability and disaster recovery purposes. Below is the high level procedure I used during the migration to migrate from WORM to HDSK, on IXOS EconServer 5.5C.. Create temporary logical archive XX Create temporary Disk pool, HDSK_<Logical Arch> under /ixos/migration/migr/<Logical Arch> Create log directory /ixos/migration/migr/<Logical Arch>_log Run buffer purge Write WORM Migrate pool using utilities pool migration From <Logical_Arch>_<POOL> i.e. T3_T3_WORM To <Logical_arch>_<POOL> i.e. XX_HDSK_T3 If errors,.. Partition check Against database Run again with recovery method if errors database against partition run again …

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