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Terabytes on a budget – 106TB for $8788

When working with a client, we were discussing storage for an application they have developed. Storage price was a key component for success of this product. I read the BackBlaze posts here, and here — but I wanted a mix of cost savings, off the shelf parts, and hot-swappable drives.

These systems were built in October when we were able to purchase 3TB disks for $129. With the current disk prices, the total cost of the storage node is now about $11500, based on $219 3TB disks.

The client needed to store data for archive purposes. They planned on deploying multiple nodes, and let the application handle redundancy in various fashions. All we needed to do, was provide cost-effective storage and reasonable write performance.
What we ended up with

  • 106TB RAW, 8GB RAM, Xeon 5606, RAID-6 via Adaptec 6405.
  • 3 groups of 12 disks in RAID6, for a total of 90TB usable storage.
  • XFS to allow a single large filesystem (Ext3/4 limits us 16TB paritions).


The parts list

$204.99 — Intel Xeon E5603
$149.00 — Crucial 8GB


This post at is a great read and reference for the details on parts selection.


Comparison of backblaze prices

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