The lockdown is still in force right now. But have you started planning, for when your staff can return to the workplace?

It is happening now, and will continue to be phased in. So the more you plan now and take action, the easier it will be for your business.

There are three key points to consider. See what they are in this short video.



The businesses that experienced the most stress when the lockdown started – and everyone suddenly had to work from home – were those who hadn’t really prepared for it.

Which, to be fair, was most businesses.

Do you remember? It was only really a few weeks ago, but many of us have forgotten what a nightmare it was in those first few days.

I believe you have an opportunity to prepare for the END of lockdown, and future lockdowns now.

We all know that the lockdown will end soon, and this is a great time to prepare for that. Especially as we enter the final phased lockdown plans.

  • Hardware needs?

    Desktops, and laptops are on back order almost everywhere.  If you plan to replace these items, let’s chat now to ensure availability.

  • Security

    During lockdown, most businesses were not prepared to ensure the remote workplace was as secure as the office.  Be sure your data and security have not been compromised.

  • People

    Remote work is here to stay, so let’s embrace it.  Let’s talk about ways to ensure your remote workforce is productive and secure.

  • Cost Savings

    There’s no doubt that times are going to be hard for a while. The economy has been impacted in a big way, and we’re all going to have to tighten our belts in some way. Let’s talk about ways to save on your IT costs.



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