Upgrade Urchin5 from RHEL3 to RHEL5

Just a quick note about upgrading the operating system, or migrating your Urchin 5 installation from RedHat 3 -> RedHat 5 (or CentOS5).

You think you’ve done everything properly, and you probably did.  But you are getting some DNS resolution error messages like:

Geo-Update 5.7.02 (redhat_ent3) starting: 20091214 12:44:13
Local Domain Database Version: 1203444941

Retrieving Domain Database Updates

ERROR: (7066-211-368) Domain DB update failed
DETAIL: (6) Couldn't resolve host 'download.urchin.com'

Geo-Update 5.7.02 (redhat_ent3) finishing: 20091214 12:44:14

The solution is quite simple, but took a bit of digging to find:

# yum install nscd
# service nscd start
# chkconfig nscd on
# ln -s /var/run/nscd/socket /var/run/.nscd_socket