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Here was the scenario I faced. RHEL4 machine will not boot (according to data center), receives various library not found errors on bootup (Later, I found these errors were from an intruder who tried to install a rootkit, and it didn't go so well. Most of /bin was corrupt). The data center recommends that the operating system be reloaded onto a separate disk, which will become the primary, and then mount the old disk as a different mount point for reference / restore. The data center reloaded the operating system, and the customer then found our services …

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This document serves as a starting point for MySQL performance tuning. This document is a combination of research and experience. When I started this document, I utilized a great Google video [1] as a reference for the document structure and many bullet items. I would suggest watching this video. I then filled in a few blanks, and combined a few other articles into this overview. You may also want to check out this good article from MySQL on performance tuning.. Now onto the show.. Benchmarking As with all improvement activities, it is better to start with a known problem area that …

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