Your phone lines are busy!
Mar 28, 2022

Your phone lines are busy!

You've probably heard this from your customers on facebook or when they talk to you -- "I tried calling, but your phones were busy".  In fact, as I write this, I'm trying to reach out to a local business to place an order and the phones have rang busy for the last 20 minutes.  I'll call back later.. but not everyone will.

You might not know this, but if you are still using analog phones lines (usually sold by AT&T, Comcast, or Spectrum), you can only handle as many calls as you have lines -- an your ability to add auto attendants, or other special features of a cloud based VoIP system are rather limited.   But with a VoIP phone system (like our MNX Voice phones!),  you have the ability to have dozens (actually unlimited) number of calls at the same time if desired.

A good example of how you can leverage a VoIP phone system for your business came from a new customer of ours. On May 4th, we deployed our MNX Voice cloud phone system replacing their existing analog solution (which could handle 3 simultaneous calls).  The next day was a busy day for them, in fact they were so busy they had to stop taking orders!  

On Cinco de Mayo, Amaya's at one point had over 17 people dialing in at the same time.  By leveraging call queues (a feature of our VoIP system), callers waited in line on the phones as they waited for their turn to order.   They handled 1400+ calls during the dinner rush hour!

I see too many businesses that let the fear of changing to a VoIP system get in their way.  We make the process easy, and typically deploy a phone system for your business within a few days, with no disruption to your calls.    

I'd love to chat about how we can help your business during this crisis, and ensure your business is able to properly service.

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