Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021
Mar 25, 2022

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and this year also has an overarching theme, “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart”. Our job at MNX is to protect, educate and be available as a resource to your business.

In Monroe MI there have been several cyber attacks that were made public recently, below are a couple recent headlines. We were not involved with these incidents, but do believe they could have been prevented if they had followed a recommended cybersecurity framework.

A health care company with several locations throughout Monroe County was the target of a ransomware attack costing them over $30,000 to recover.
A cyber attack that targeted Monroe Public Schools from July 2021

We would like to prevent these types of attacks from impacting further businesses in the area, and what better time to start protecting your business than Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

We put together a guide that you can use today, to start preparing for a ransomware attack on your business.

Download 5 Steps to Improve Ransomware ResilienceDownload

In addition to this brief guide we put together, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has just released a draft of a document titled Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Ransomware Risk Management. This is a comprehensive guide, that you should study along with your IT company to ensure your business is protected. Here are some of the key points this documents suggests an organization can take now to protect against the ransomware threat:

  • Use antivirus software at all times. Set your software to automatically scan emails and flash drives. [MNX recommends using SentinelOne NextGen Antivirus]
  • Keep computers fully patched. Run scheduled checks to identify available patches, and install these as soon as feasible. [MNX recommends applying security patches as soon as they are available]
  • Segment networks. Segment internal networks to prevent malware from proliferating among potential target systems. [MNX recommends segmenting computers, phones, IoT devices, servers, at a minimum].
  • Continuously monitor directory services (and other primary user stores) for indicators of compromise or active attack. [MNX provides a 24x7 Security Operation Center (SOC) to continuously monitor and correlate security events]
  • Make an incident recovery plan. Develop and implement an incident recovery plan with defined roles and strategies for decision making. [MNX will help you navigate and create this plan]
  • Backup data, secure backups, and test restoration. Carefully plan, implement, and test a data backup and restoration strategy—and secure and isolate backups of important data. [MNX says your backups are only as good as your last successful restore test]

Stop and review your cybersecurity readiness today.

Contact us today if you need help reviewing your cybersecurity preparedness. We can perform a one time comprehensive infrastructure review and help you understand your cybersecurity risks -- 734-344-4942.

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