Plesk PHP upgrade

We are often asked to upgrade PHP on Plesk based systems. When working with Plesk based control panel systems, PHP is typically maintained by the operating system. This means RedHat 5 and CentOS 5 based servers will be running PHP version 5.1.6. Many applications have a requirement of PHP 5.2 or greater.

A few options are available, we will discuss two solutions below..

Use the Atomic Corp PHP upgrade guide
One simple solution is to utilize Atomic Corps PHP upgrade guide. We have used this solution successfully in the past. This wiki ebtry from Atomic Corp provides a complete guide to upgrading to a newer version of PHP.

Use the IUS Community repos
Another solution is to use the IUS Community repository. The general procedure is to:

  • Install the new version of php52 (or php53) from the IUS repository
  • Install an empty ‘php’ rpm !?

Full examples on upgrading php are available at the IUS ClientUsageGuide site

Let me explain that final line about installing an empty php rpm. When using the IUS packages, the php rpm package has a base name of ‘php52’, rather than ‘php’. Plesk (for some reason) expects to have an RPM package called ‘php’ installed on your server for certain administrative function to work properly.

In order to use the IUS php52 package with plesk, you need to build an empty rpm package as discussed in a previous blog bost: Building an Empty RPM

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