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Hiring a PHP Programmer: Part #3, Frameworks & Licensing

This is the third and concluding part of our short series on what to look for when hiring a PHP programmer for your company. In part #1 we took a look at ensuring the programmer was vigilant against SQL injection vulnerabilities. In part #2 we reviewed code formatting & commenting practices. For this final portion […]

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Hiring a PHP Programmer: Part #2, Code Organization & Commenting

In part #1 of our short series on hiring a quality PHP programmer, we spoke about SQL injection security. In today’s post we are going to look at an outwardly less important but crucial aspect to any programmer: what their code looks like.

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Hiring a PHP Programmer: Part #1, SQL Security

PHP is a fantastic web development language if for no other reason than its low learning-curve to create dynamic, database-driven web sites quickly. For this reason and others, there has been an obvious influx of web developers ready to hire-on to create your company’s next web application or site. Just like any other employee, contractor […]

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